Civil Engineering

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The Department of Civil Engineering may be viewed as one of the oldest engineering departments in most universities worldwide. Such discipline is known to be comprehensive in the engineering activities and services it provides to society as well as to all public and governmental agencies. The civil engineering profession covers wide range of engineering activities including designing and maintaining all kinds of engineering structures such as buildings, bridges, fluid tanks, silos, dams, water,  sanitary, irrigation and drainage networks. Furthermore, the civil engineer designs, manages and deals with various engineering systems and affairs, like transportation, traffic, treatment and reuse of waste water, solving soil and foundation problems, and analyzing and managing engineering projects, costs and methods of construction.

Due to the generality of civil engineering profession, the study plan for the Bachelor Degree Program is designed to provide the student with a strong and balanced background in all areas of civil engineering through a package of core departmental courses in addition to set of general university educational courses and basic sciences and general engineering college courses. To allow the student to strengthen his knowledge in one or more of the main civil engineering areas, the curriculum permits the student to select a number of courses from various sets of in depth elective courses.

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