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College of Engineering at Al-Kharj


As Saudi Arabia has one of the highest population growth rate in the world which is certainly making more challenging the education of youth in the country. This unique population structure was not ignored or neglected by the king of this country, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud. Since he has realized- may God save him- the importance of investing in young people and supporting all of them which would raise them scientifically, culturally and physically. Accordingly, out of that support there was the provision of higher education for all people, in all regions without exception.

            Regarding the fact that Al-Kharj region is one of the densely populated areas that have been found, King Saud University in accordance with the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has proposed an establishment of faculties of science, particularly in Al-Kharj especially College of Engineering. Thus, under the guidance of His Excellency the Rector of the university, the relevant university administrations have begun working the necessary studies, which have been approved in the adoption of the Council of the League at its second session on 15/6/1426 to establish a College of Engineering in Al-Kharj.

           Immediately, it has been begun to work hard for the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering that aims mostly to provide the college students with the scientific and technical basics of knowledge and to give them a good training in effective scientific thinking which helps to work in all areas of engineering. Also it aims to motivate college students to keep abreast of modern engineering information and technology in order to be informed of all developments in these areas.

        The college does not definitely neglect supporting students, who want to go into academic life, with necessary tools by encouraging them to scientific research and provide them with updated technical information sources.

         To achieve these goals, the College has to attract outstanding faculty members who have long experience in the field of research and teaching university. Also the college has to provide support to the faculty by supplying the college with modern laboratories those meet the needs of the learning process and the scientific research alike.

         Finally, in spite of all the difficulties they face in this critical period, the Faculty of Engineering in Al-Kharj province would not try in its establishment phase to compete those colleges which have been established since decades, because it is definitely a losing competition for the time being, but we know that the birth is a rare chance to develop the seed of success for a College of which we all will be proud in the near future, by God will.





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